Uptown ON HAWTHORNE 17 blanton’s bourbon, campari, carpano antica formula vermouth, late bottled vintage port, orange twist (up) THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD 22. Classic 6.9 sour cream, butter, chives Vegan 8.5 guacamole, tomatoe-salsa, koriander-salsa Salmon 9.5 salmon, sour cream, butter Pulled Pork 7.5. 1. Just Jugs The coffee jug holds 4 times as much as the milk jug. Everyone has the same size cup, but each person likes different amounts of milk in. Wood type Smoking Flavor Characteristics Meats or Veggiesto use wood with Lemon A tangy, citrus smoke. Medium smoke flavor with a hint of fruitiness.. 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 * Metallic and/or Pearl Colors shown on monitor and when printed are approximate representation of actual colors available.. RAL Colour Chart RAL 1000 green beige RAL 1001 beige RAL 1002 sand yellow RAL 1003 signal yellow RAL 1004 golden yellow RAL 1005 honey yellow RAL 1006. LARGER VOLUMES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST NAME: v 4.2[ws] 0~ Weight Estimate Cat 1 Cat 2 QTY Descrip Item ` ` 0 ` ` ` ` ` ` ESSENTIAL OILS Essen Oil Essen Oil 0 5ml Agarwood. FROM THE OVEN, FROM 12PM praise cheesus baked hills brie, garden herbs, sour dough 14 margherita tomato passata, basil, mozzarella, evoo 19 bacon ‘n cheese passata .... Wood type Smoking Characteristics Meats or Veggies used with Chestnut Slightly sweet nutty smoke flavor Good with most meats. Corncob Although not considered to be a .... Cape Grim Pasture Fed Beef The pristine pastures and clean air of Tasmania, King Island and Flinders Island provide the perfect environment to grow Cape Grim Beef.